In our many years of practice, we have received countless cards, letters and phone calls from hundreds of our Southeast Texas weight loss surgery patients who are so thrilled with their new, healthier selves that they just have to share it. The words of these patients, more than anything we could say, truly illustrate the life-changing nature of bariatric surgery. Here are a few examples:

  • When I started this journey, it all seemed uphill and impossible. When you’re overweight, everything is an effort – not just getting around, but getting along and making a comfortable life for yourself. At least that’s how it was for me. For me it was just easier to give in and give up trying to be thinner/healthier. Five years ago, though, my health took a drastic turn and I had to face the facts – if I didn’t lose weight, I would die an early death. It started with a visit to the doctor because my snoring was keeping my husband awake. I was finally diagnosed with Acute Obstructive Sleep Apnea, along with an emerging problem with my thyroid.
    For me, the decision to have weight loss surgery was an easy one – in order to live, I needed to lose weight. Speaking with my personal physician and then with Dr. Reyes I was able to make an informed decision to have the Roux en Y surgery. Dr. Reyes’ staff helped me from start to finish – they really do care about their patients.
    Today, I am maintaining a 100 pound weight loss – and living a life I could only have dreamed of five years ago. Things I thought would always be out of my reach – motorcycling with my husband, singing and speaking in public – are things I do regularly. All thanks to gastric bypass!
    – C. S.
  • My heaviest weight was 256 pounds. I decided to have the surgery because of my health problems. I had high cholesterol, sleep apnea, depression, thyroid problems, was border line diabetic, and had back, knee, and heel problems. Since the surgery, I have more energy & feel better about myself. I enjoy going out with my family and having fun. I don’t need the machine for my sleep disorder anymore, have no more back and joint pain, no cholesterol problem, no border line diabetes and no more depression. When asked if I would do it over again, I say YES. This has not been an easy road to take for me. It’s work and discipline, but I needed that for my life. I am blessed everyday and am very grateful to Dr. Reyes and his staff for all his help. – R. S.
  • On Oct 12, 2010  Dr. Luis Reyes  performed the Gastric Sleeve procedure on me.    It is now 4 weeks later and I am 61 pounds less.  I have not felt this good in years.  Thank you Dr. Reyes. – Tres
  • My experience with Dr Reyes was completely positive. He listened to all my concerns and acted on them immediately. His bedside manner was excellent. My pain level at the surgical sites was minimal to none. And I was allowed to be part of the decision making about my pain management which was important. My incisions are neat, with no bruising. – C. R., McAllen, Texas
  • The best doctor I have been associated with for the last three months. Before, during, and after the operation he has been very helpful, informative and asks regularly how am I feeling, if there are any problems, how can his office help me. I know it sounds too nice but he has been very helpful and I haven’t encountered any problems in dealing with him or his staff. On the contrary, they are some of the nicest people I have been associated with in a very long time.– G. C., Weslaco, Texas
  • Dr. Luis Reyes, Thank you, for my new lease on life. Not sure you are totally cognizant of the miraculous changes you help create in the lives of your patients. Without you and the work you do many of us morbidly obese would continue through life lost, depressed, unhappy and anxious. Not to mention generally lost in a world filled with a multitude of social injustice. Why? Because we are obese, sadly this is true, and many of us refuse to acknowledge it. In view of that, fearing to ask for the help or even afraid to speak up or advocate for what we truly want for ourselves. I recall being there not too long ago. On February 27, 2009 I went in weighing 284 pounds. Four months later, I am 60 pounds lighter. We are in December now, and I have lost 95 pounds. People don’t even recognize me anymore. Prior to the surgery, I could not climb a flight of stairs without being totally winded, I could not cross my legs or even see my feet when I walked. I could not get up off the floor without rolling over to grab on to the nearest sturdy object to assist me, I could not get a good nights sleep, I could not paint or clip my own toe nails without having to prop them on the edge of a chair, I could not climb in to the vehicle without having to literally pull my self up with my arms, I could not sit in an airplane without asking for an extension for the seat belt, I could not take my 3 year old twins for a walk in the park, I could not write a sentence or type on the computer without my hands going numb, I could not get rid of the wheezing sound coming from my lungs, I could not get rid of the back and knee pain, I could not do…I could go on forever. A new lease on life is the only way I can describe what you have given me. I am sure that there are many obese individuals out there that are afraid to take the initial step toward their own, new lease on life. When my primary care physician: Dr. Daniel Guerra told me that I was diabetic and just knowing that I already suffered from hypertension, I swallowed my pride and asked him to refer me to a doctor that could help me lose weight. He did not hesitate. As a social worker, I know how difficult it is for patients to build up the nerve to ask their primary care physicians to refer them for the weight loss surgery, because some doctors can be very obnoxious, cold or even too busy to truly listen to their patients. I thank God for bringing both you and Dr. Daniel Guerra into my life. I realize that now it is up to me to continue making my new lease on life a success. God Bless You, – N. G.

Many More Patient Testimonials

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